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Support Staff

Office Support
Contact Christina Benavidez  Christina Benavidez ex: 245 Intermediate Office Assistant (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Contact Angela M. Hernandez  Angela M. Hernandez Office Supervisor
Contact Holden Lally  Holden Lally Banker
Contact Maritza Tapia  Maritza Tapia Office Assistant
Elementary/Middle School Support
Contact Christy Cardoza  Christy Cardoza ex: 236 RSP
Contact Elizabeth Escobar  Elizabeth Escobar ex: 236 RSP Inst. Aide
Contact Gina Gutierres Ramirez  Gina Gutierres Ramirez ex: 231 RSP
Contact Jennifer Kolb  Jennifer Kolb ex: 132 COTSEN Mentor
Contact Christina Mondragon  Christina Mondragon Boys and Girls Club
Contact Glen Nakahara  Glen Nakahara Teacher
Contact Scott Penttila  Scott Penttila Phys Ed/ES
Contact Kristen Sawyer  Kristen Sawyer ex: 235 Support SEL Counselor
Custodial Support
Contact Kendall Cook  Kendall Cook ex: 240 Custodian
Contact Yodley Paschall  Yodley Paschall ex: 240 Plant Supervisor
Contact Sabrina Sullen  Sabrina Sullen ex: 240 Custodian