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Scott & Landon Penttila - Alaska Cruise - Summer 2015
Scott & Landon Penttila - Alaska Cruise - Summer 2015

Scott Penttila

Jackie Robinson 1st-6th Grade Physical Education

Welcome to Jackie Robinson Physical Education!  Throughout the school year Robinson students will be engaged in workouts and fundamental movements that will help boost fitness level, confidence and overall well being.  We will work on basic skills for some traditional sports like Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Tennis.  And we'll also be participating in other activities such as, Dance, Tag, Physical Fitness Testing, writing, and Tumbling.  The expectation is that all students will approach the activities with a growth mind set.  A growth mind set means that students will be open to challenging themselves to persevere and not back down to challenges.  Some students might not be the greatest athlete on the field, but if they are willing to challenge themselves they will succeed in my class.

P.E. Begins on Tuesday, Sept. 8th!
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