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Long Beach POLY

Long Beach POLY


1600 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 591-0581
Long Beach Polytechnic High School is nationally recognized as the Home of Scholars and Champions. Every student at Poly becomes a part of the Poly family, united by a 119 year tradition of excellence. Poly takes pride in developing the potential of all students through great teaching and coaching, preparing them to pursue postsecondary education and to become leaders in their fields. More Poly students are accepted annually to the UC system than from any other school and attend many other prestigious universities as well. Poly students enjoy rich, expanded learning opportunities, including our Grammy Award winning music program, & over 120 student-centered clubs. Poly was voted the #1 Athletic High School in America as determined by Sports Illustrated in 2005 & ESPN in 2011. On the Poly campus, students thrive in a rose garden of diversity. All Poly Programs provide students with the opportunity to complete A-G requirements needed for Cal State and University admission. All programs at Poly enable students to work with a select group of teachers, administrators, community partners, and business professionals. The SLC carefully monitors the students and their progress throughout their time in their selected program.


Students must apply for these Special Programs on “Step 4” of the High School Choice/Special Programs Application

PACE is a nationally recognized and highly rigorous college-prep program offering extensive honors and AP courses taught by our exceptional faculty. Additionally, our students are given one-of-a-kind opportunities outside the classroom in fields such as biomedical research and entrepreneurship. Each year PACE grads gain admission to the nation’s most prestigious universities and receive more UC acceptances than any other LB program. Minimum requirements: GPA of 3.75 from 6th and 7th grades and 7th grade SBAC scores scale for English and Mathematics of 2500 each. * PACE admits 175-185 students with the highest HSAI that select PACE as their first choice.
Contact: Michelle Aberle (562) 591-0581, ext. 5198 email: maberle@lbschools.net

CIC emphasizes an Honors college prep curriculum with a global approach infused into each course. Since 1982, CIC has prepared students for university admission and successful global careers through a unique variety of AP, Honors and Accelerated courses, including Japanese and Chinese, languages identified by the U. S. State Dept. as critical for the 21st Century. In 2015, CIC has introduced a 4-year Civic leadership and engagement pathway within CIC. Applicants should possess a minimum 3.50 Academic GPA. NO SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION or ESSAY required.
Contact: Jeff Inui (562) 591-0581, ext. 5196 email: jinui@lbschools.net

PacRim is currently a California Partnership Academy, whose grant ensures smaller class sizes and unique career opportunities in a four-year college preparatory program that has a focus on international trade and commerce. The academy, established in 1989, accepts only 50 students. Applicants should possess a minimum 2.75 Academic GPA.
Contact: Jeff Inui (562) 591-0581, ext. 5196 email: jinui@lbschools.net

The BEACH Academy of Math and Science focuses on engineering and design within the areas of math and science. The academy gives students the opportunity to take four years of math and science. It is the belief of the staff that students who take four years of math and science are better prepared to enter college. Each of the core classes within the Beach Academy takes a unique focus on the environment and alternative energies. AP, CTE and AVID is offered.
Contact Counselor: Ryan Temple (562) 591-0581, ext. 5123 email: rtemple@lbschools.net

The JUSTICE Academy: Justice, Uniting, Students, Teamwork, Integrity and Commitment to Excellence. The academy provides students with opportunities to explore social justice, legal and law enforcement fields, through rigorous thematic and academic coursework, as well as, activities that encompass real life and career experiences. AVID, Honors and AP classes are available and encouraged for qualified students
Contact Counselor: Keisha Scott (562) 591-0581 ext. 5122 email: kscott@lbschools.net

Poly’s MEDS Medical Academy is a powerful college prep program that prepares students for professional careers in cutting-edge medical and paramedical fields through a variety of specialized professional after school programs and internships. An extensive offering of AP, Honor/Accelerated and medical-related elective courses provide students with the tools to advance into college and/ or straight into a medical field of their choice
Contact Counselor: Nancy Boyd-Batstone (562) 591-0581 ext. 5126 email: nboydbatstone@lbschools.net

The METS Academy: Media, Entertainment, and Technology Systems. METS offers students opportunities to explore careers in media as well as digital and graphic arts. It is our goal, as a staff, to prepare students for post secondary education and career options by offering a variety of electives in the arts, media, and technology fields. We also offer courses in Honors, AP, CTE and AVID.
Contact Counselor: Charles Acosta (562) 591-0581 ext. 5206 email: cacosta@lbschools.net
Small Learning Communities and Linked Learning Pathway Coordinator
Contact: Shannon Mulvaney: (562) 591-0581 ext. 5103 email: smulvaney@lbschools.net